Simple, Fast and Automated

CollectNOW is simple yet powerful, you are just 5 minutes away from simplyfing your payment collection activity.


Add an invoice

Insert your invoice and its payment terms.


Choose from our dunning workflows (or create your own)

Decide how many days earlier the payment duty date you want to send a payment reminder to your customer, and how many dunning reminders do you want to send in case of missing payment.


Relax and count money

CollectNOW will send every day payment reminders and dunnings on your behalf, automatically, hassle-free. High chances are that this will significantly boost your payment collection timings.

payment collection dunning

Advanced user?
You get the control

Differentiate your customers

Assign a "Customer quality score" to each customer. Reminders, follow-ups and dunnings will be different depending on the Customer Quality Score!

Customize your dunning workflows

Gain 100% control over the follow-up messages by customizing the timing and frequency of messages that are sent on your behalf. Plus, edit email subject, email body, email cc, email bcc.

Moderation queue

Ask for a control over the automated solution? We got you: you can decide wether a follow-up message is sent automatically by CollectNOW or only after your approval.

Get in touch

  • Automations (ERP integrations, etc)
  • Live support

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more info? Here are some things we're commonly asked

What are your skills, how can I trust you?

Progetto Automazione, the company behind CollectNOW, is in ERP business since 1983. Since than we have helped 5.000+ companies in invoice management, accounting, inventory management, etc.

Is my data safe?

CollectNOW benefits of the same enterprise-level server infrastructure that is used to manage large ERP projects for big enterprises. Backed by Amazon AWS.

If my customer is replying to my dunning email, will I receive the message?

Of course yes, emails sent by CollectNOW are sent with your email address in Cc. This means that when the client answers to the email, your email address is included in the recipients.

Is there a way to integrate CollectNOW with our accounting software?

Yes! Together we will investigate the best way to do the integration. Just drop us a line and let's discuss!